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S07.38213 / 506716

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

Sixth Framework
Programme (FP6)

Projects Overview

Road safety engineering measures may reduce casualties by 6.5%. However, the rather high cost of traditional infrastructure construction / adaptations is a prohibiting factor. The combination of new technologies with existing infrastructure may lead to much more cost-efficient solutions.

IN-SAFETY project aims to use intelligent, intuitive and cost-efficient combinations of new technologies and traditional infrastructure best practice applications, in order to enhance the forgiving and self-explanatory nature of roads, by:
  • Building consensus on priorities for regulation and standardisation processes and assessing the potential and cost-effectiveness of combined use of such new technologies (ADAS, IVIS) and innovative HMI concepts.
  • Developing and testing new simulation models (micro and macro) and risk analysis tools, to estimate the safety of road environments.
  • Developing training tools and curricula for road, TMIC and tunnel operators, focusing on the use of new technologies.
  • Harmonising / optimising vertical and horizontal signing and personalising their information to the specific needs and wants of each user.
  • Issuing priority implementation scenarios, guidelines for further research and policy recommendations for cost-efficient road environment development, road safety assessment and inspection, including new technological elements.

Related Projects
To achieve its goal, IN-SAFETY project will base its work on the results of the following previous initiatives.

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