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Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

Sixth Framework
Programme (FP6)


2nd IN-SAFETY workshop
"Towards a forgiving and self-explanatory Europe"
24 October 2007, Brussels

The overriding objective of the workshop is to gather the views of the audience on the near-final results of the IN-SAFETY project. The project outputs that will be presented include:
  • Cooperative pilots and new ideas – this will provide an overview of the pilot tests undertaken in a real traffic environment in Athens, Turin and Stuttgart and in a driving simulator in Sweden. The applications tested were derived from the 6 scenarios.
  • Application guidelines & policy recommendations – this will give an overview of the work undertaken to support the transfer of preliminary results into real world environments. Priority implementation scenarios regarding new technological applications for road safety improvements will be presented and remaining open questions for further research addressed.
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Third newsletter published in June 2007
Welcome to the INSAFETY 3rd Newsletter. Within this issue we proudly announce the upcoming project’s workshop that is going to be held at Brussels, at 24 October 2007. The IN-SAFETY consortium will be pleased to be meet everyone and present the IN-SAFETY results.
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Second newsletter published in November 2006
IN-SAFETY is already one year old and a lot of research activities have taken place since its launching on February 2005. In this issue, selected topics of IN-SAFETY first-year research are presented for your information, including main IN-SAFETY news, achievements, events and workshops, as well as the state of the art.
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IN-SAFETY Workshop & Operators Training Symposium
took place on 6 - 7 April 2006, InterTraffic, Amsterdam

The following issues had been discussed:
  • potential cooperative solutions (vehicle-infrastructure) to improve road safety,
  • strategies for implementing specific driver assistance systems which mitigate driver error ('forgiving roads'),
  • strategies for implementing road signing to enhance driver understanding of roads and to minimise driver information overload ('self-explaining roads'),
  • new models, tools and guidelines for road safety assessment
First newsletter published in September 2005
Over 42,000 road users are killed in European Union (EU) countries annually and around 3.5 million are injured, when under-reporting is taken into consideration. This accounts for an annual cost of over 160 billion Euros and untold pain and suffering of the victims and their relatives.
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2nd IN-SAFETY workshop

IN-SAFETY Third newsletter published in June 2007

IN-SAFETY Workshop & Operators Training Symposium

Traffic in Stuttgart

Traffic in Stuttgart


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